Tidbits we Pull from Other Companies

Winning Service

Winning Service is a function of:


What is needed?


Can I create a connection?


Can I better say what I mean?


How can we support each other?

Success doesn’t live in what we do per se, but in how we do it.


You are in the hospitality/solutions/dream business (You help businesses thrive).

See the big picture:
Apple says, we don’t fix computers, we build relationships.

Hire based on attitude.

What leads to success?

Being Fearless.
Seeing the Big Picture.
Expressing Positivity.


Communication between employees.
It’s more likely that you will under-communicate than over-communicate.
With customers, sell the benefits, not the features.
The answer is always “yes.”
The customer is never wrong.
Leverage new media to provide access.

Creating Relationships

They key is to develop emotional connections with other employees and customers. Start by asking.
Why? It’s the right thing to do.
Be transparent, open and honest with everyone.
Be customer focused rather task focused.
Demonstrate your commitment.

Company Culture

Clearly defined company core values.
Find your motivations.
Support each other.
Give everyone a voice.
The quality of work life matters.
Integrity and trust are key.
Give back.
Non-negotiable standards.


With the customers
Know what customers think and act on it.
Net promoter score.
With the company
Are employees happy?
Feedback needs to happen between all levels of staff.
Allow front-line employees to give feedback of upper management.

The Experience

“You can say what you want about who (you think) you are but people believe what they experience.”
John Mackey

Experiential Actions.
Customer’s experience journey.
Service Aptitude.
Knowledgeable staff.
Unprofessional Conversations.
Smile, Greet, Repeat.

The Experience

Consistency and continuity:
Select new ideas and stick with them.
Apply slowly.
Classify new ideas for priority.
Have a plan.


Partners learn how to cultivate willpower to help them keep their personal issues at home during their eight hour shifts.

The teach reading and anticipating customers.

“Being considerate is less about being polite and more about being mindful of the needs of others while creating win/win situations. It should empower you to act in ways that consider the needs of others.”

The Starbucks Experience” by Joesph Michelli

Five Ways of Being
Be Welcoming.
Be Genuine.
Be Considerate.
Be Knowledgeable.
Be Involved.