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This booklet is a  summary of the critical elements you need to write a killer brief: from the thinking to the format.  It can be a stand-alone piece to refresh or introduce you to the topics and makes an ideal companion piece to our Killer Briefs workshop. The Killer Brief Booklet is provided in a digital format. Upon completing your payment, the downloadable file will be available in the checkout screen.


This book is the bigger, badder brother to the Killer Briefs Booklet in that it has more advice and deeper explanations of the key tenets on this topic and includes a finished example to give you a sense of context and comparison. A free download of the creative brief template is available to give you a place to capture your thoughts, words and ideas with less effort (leaving you more time to spend on the thinking). If you haven’t checked out Momentum, you should!


This book is a foundational field guide to help you design your life to be wildly happy — to flourish. Based on philosophies as diverse as Quantum Physics and Feng Shui, it presents a new way of thinking and doing things that will have profound influence on your happy meter. Remember: revolution is often a 10 degree shift, not a 180 degree one. Little things can be big. If you want more creativity, productivity and happiness in your life (they’re inextricably intertwined), then what you’re looking for is Momentum.