Whether you represent a small business, a non-profit or a global powerhouse, our process will help your organization rise to meet the new demands of brand integrity and performance. 

We find long-lasting, systemic solutions to set your brand up for success. We not only find out what makes your brand unique, but how to break free from the classic issues that impede innovation and success.

We discover opportunities by engaging with you and your customers to understand in-depth insights, identify key conditions, and develop an activation map. We tap into the elusive intersection of brand strategy, organization, culture and your customer.

How We can help you


“I love Lynette. She’s the best qualitative researcher I’ve been able to work with. She’s the master of listening. The research I get from her is more analytical and insightful. She understands that data isn’t enough, she does more than that.

She delivered an insight to us that lead our entire campaign strategy which is ‘Portland is the closest place you can feel far away.’ The work from that was so effective that we are entering it for an Effie this year.”

Carly Presho-Dunney -Brand Strategist at Wieden + Kennedy.

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